Mechanical Engineering 1 - Package 2024 - (24 PDH's Online)

Ethics, Structure and Properties of Metals, Thermal Shock, Diesel Engines, Heat Exchangers, Mechanical Pumps & Valves, Combined Stresses, Holes/Cutouts, ADAAG

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This course is a bundled package that includes all of the individual courses below. Each course has its own quiz and certificate. It includes 3 PDH's for ethics. This package meets the requirements of all states except Florida, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey and New York. These states have special requirements and will be listed as separate courses.

Each course is intended for you to study at your own pace. You may stop and restart at any time. Your course and quiz progress will be saved when you return. You will not have to listen to the instructor reading for hours. Click below on a Course, and then click Course Curriculum for free a preview of the course and quiz. The preview videos for each course explain how the courses work. After purchasing the package, you will have access to each course's full presentation as a portable document format (pdf) file for your review and while you are taking the quiz.

You must get a passing grade of 70% for each course and you can retake the quiz if necessary. You can use "control + f" to search the page and the pdf files to help with the quiz. Once you pass the quiz, you can download each course completion certificate. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Courses Included with Purchase

Engineering Ethics 2024 (3 PDH Online)
General Ethics Review for All States, History, Organizations - ASME, ASCE, NSPE, Engineers Creed, Canons, Steps to Ethical Decision Making, Review Cases
Richard Edgar, PE, MBA
ADA Accessibility Guidelines - ADAAG Part 1 2024 (4 PDH Online)
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) - Purpose, Instructions/Definitions, Accessible Elements & Spaces (37 Topics)
Richard Edgar, PE, MBA
Diesel Engine Fundamentals 2024 (3 PDH Online)
Major Components, Support and Exhaust Systems, Operational Terminology, Four-Stroke/Two-Stroke Cycles, Engine speed, Fuel Controls
Richard Edgar, PE, MBA
Heat Exchangers 2024 (2 PDH Online)
Types of Heat Exchangers, Types of Construction and Comparisons, Preheaters, Radiators, AC Evaporators and Condensers
Richard Edgar, PE, MBA
Mechanical Pumps 2024 (2 PDH Online)
Centrifugal Pumps & Operation, Diffusers, Impeller Classification, Pump Classification by Flow, Multi-Stage Pumps, Net Positive Suction Head, and Cavitation
Richard Edgar, PE, MBA
Mechanical Valves 2024 (3 PDH Online)
Valve Functions and Parts, Types of Valves (Gate, Globe, Ball, Plug, Diaphragm, Pinch, etc.), Valve Actuators (Manual, Fixed, Hammer, Electric, etc.)
Richard Edgar, PE, MBA
Properties of Metals 2024 (5 PDH Online)
Stress, Strain, Young's Modulus, Sress-Strain Relationship, Physical Properties, Corrosion and Hydrogen Embrittlement
Richard Edgar, PE, MBA
Structure of Metals 2024 (2 PDH Online)
Bonding, Common Lattice Types, Grain Structure and Boundary, Polymorphism, Alloys and Imperfections in Metals.
Richard Edgar, PE, MBA

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Your Instructor

Richard Edgar, PE, MBA
Richard Edgar, PE, MBA

Richard is an accomplished business, sales and engineering manager with a with over 24 years of combined experience including contract work at NASA and 20+ years in energy business. Richard has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and master’s degree in business administration. He received his PE license in Texas in 2001 and has served on numerous technical committees including ASTM, ASHRAE, NEMA, ASCE and IEEE. Richard has been granted permission to use the National Society of Professional Engineers' Code of Ethics for Engineers in engineering ethics training courses. [email protected]